About VICSEG New Futures

VICSEG New Futures is a not for profit, community organisation incorporating the Victorian Cooperative on Children's Services for Ethnic Groups (VICSEG Programs for Families, Children & Young People) and New Futures Training. Together VICSEG Programs for Families, Children & Young People and New Futures Training provide support and training to newly arrived and recently settled migrant communities, refugees and asylum seekers. VICSEG New Futures' commitment to providing "Opportunities for Diverse Communities" is practised throughout every one of our range of programs.  For over thirty years the Victorian Cooperative on Children’s Services for Ethnic Groups has been a pioneer of innovative and culturally responsive programs to address the migrant settlement needs of young people and their families. At VICSEG New Futures, as our combined name illustrates, collaboration and partnerships are at the heart of how we do things.

VICSEG New Futures aims:

VICSEG Programs for Families, Children & Young People

VICSEG Programs for Families, Children & Young People is committed to community development, capacity building, universal and secondary approaches to achieve culturally competent services for children, young people and families. VICSEG Programs works in partnership with local government and community organisations to develop culturally responsive service models in child care, family day care, maternal and child health, kindergarten, integrated family services and library services. VICSEG Programs is involved in Place-based Early Years Partnership structures in Hume, Wyndham and Brimbank and soon to expand to Whittlesea and Melton. Partnership structures offer momentum for improvements, a focus on more vulnerable families and a shared responsibility for supporting children and families. Over the years, VICSEG Programs has expanded its focus to include teenagers and grandparents with highly innovative programs. 

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New Futures Training

New Futures Training is the registered training organization of VICSEG New Futures. For over ten years it has provided innovative and responsive training courses from Child Care and Aged Care to short courses on First Aid and Basic Food Safety Practices. New Futures Training commits itself to delivering flexible training programs that cater for the cultural, employment, language and personal needs of our students.

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VICSEG History

Thirty years ago, under the guiding hand of the then Ethnic Affairs Commission of Victoria, the Victorian Cooperative on Children's Services for Ethnic Groups (VICSEG) was born. The organisation became incorporated as a public company late in the following year. Over the last few years, VICSEG has undergone a makeover of significant proportions. Over the first decade of the 21st century, the organisation has grown into something quite different to that of the preceding 20 years. While continuing to engage with recently settled migrant and refugee families around developmental opportunities for their children, the VICSEG focus is no longer primarily on facilitating access to child care.

With the active support of the then Department of Family and Community Services, VICSEG began the millennium trialing highly innovative versions of the playgroup model, which led to the training of playgroup leaders from ethnic communities, outreach to grandparents caring for children and the introduction of kids' gym style programs to culturally diverse families to promote the importance of physical activities for children's development. The range of development experiences that children and their carers could share together thanks to the VICSEG bi-cultural family resource team who were able to integrate into an early childhood support program for refugee families through this program was very significant. This program survived the withdrawal of funding by the Department at the end of 2005 and has now blossomed into the Refugee Family Mentoring and Resource Program, with funding by the Myer Foundation.

At the same time there was an elephant growing in the room named New Futures Training, the VICSEG registered training organisation. In 2001 Banyule Council asked that we train a group of Somali grandmothers, so that they could be brought into the formal family day care system. The following year, with state government funding, two more groups were funded and we followed the advice to register as a training organisation. Today, New Futures Training delivers vocational training across a range of care service areas to more than 2,000 students a year from a broad diversity of backgrounds. New Futures Training is now the major VICSEG enterprise and the major source of funding.This is the reason for adopting New Futures as part of the organisation's name, VICSEG New Futures.