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Enrolments can be completed at one of our three campuses.
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Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Transfer (CT) is the formal acknowledgement of an individual’s skills and knowledge acquired through; formal training/study including VCE, work experience/employment and life experiences. The student/s is assessed against a pre-determined set of benchmarks, learning outcomes or competency standards. The main focus of RPL /CT is the learning outcomes of such experiences, not how, when or where the learning occurred. 

Credit Transfer (CT)

Where an identical competency or accredited module/unit exists, for which a student has a statement of attainment from any Registered Training Organisation (RTO) which includes the Nationally Recognised Training Logo, then New Futures Training will recognize this outcome.
Credit transfer applies to students who are enrolled. No fee applies.

Application for RPL/CT may be supported by:

The success of application for RPL/CT is directly dependent on:

The principles of valid, reliable, fair and flexible assessment apply as they do in the case of other types of assessment; i.e. the evidence provided must apply to the wide range of knowledge and skills as well as practical application.


The RTO Assessor may have to verify that any work samples submitted as evidence is, in fact, the applicant’s own work. Observation or practical demonstration may be necessary.


The student is required to ensure that enough evidence is provided for the learning outcomes or competency standards. Evidence provided must be gathered for a number of occasions and variety of contexts.


In the case of qualifications obtained some years previous, the student may be required to demonstrate relevant skills and knowledge. Observation or practical demonstration on the job may be necessary.

Ability to Transfer

The student may be required to demonstrate the ability to transfer skills and knowledge for which RPL is being applied, in varied situations. Observation or practical demonstration on the job may be necessary.

Learning Outcomes\Performance Criteria

Applicants may be required to perform certain tasks to a specified measurable level of competency, standard and efficiency within a given time-frame; and\or display specific knowledge at the required level of compliance with the Learning Outcomes\Performance Criteria relative to the units for which they are seeking recognition.

In cases where the NFT Assessor is satisfied with the evidence supplied, the Trainee will be granted ‘credit’ for the specified unit/s. Please note that RPL/RCC cannot be granted for part of a unit.

The RPL/CT Procedure

Students are encouraged to undertake a self-assessment against the documented standards for the unit of competence for which they are seeking credit transfer. Your Assessor will supply you with a copy of the requirements and relevant Units of Competency.

If you decide to proceed with the RPL application process, you must then provide evidence of your competence. This may include formal training certificates, current employer references, etc.

All students will be advised of the outcome of their application and will be given the necessary information identifying the Competencies needed to complete their course of study.


Any student may appeal in writing against a decision regarding RPL to the Manager of  New Futures Training. The application form is available upon request at the enrollment stage.

Credit Transfer Form V2 Credit Transfer Form V2 (205 KB)



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This training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding.