Student Services

Student Wellbeing

New Futures Training is a registered training organisation that offers a range of support services to refugee and recently arrived migrant families. New Futures Training aims to provide an environment that is supportive and caring while addressing the learning needs of all students, no matter their language level, culture or background.

New Futures Training places a high priority on student security and safety and therefore we do our best to enhance support services so that students feel welcomed and valued - making the experience of studying a positive one, this is why we have trained welfare workers on our staff who are here to help.

New Futures Training strives to maximise opportunities for access, participation and outcomes for all students. We ensure the provision of access and equity services to students as an integral part of all services and will undertake to identify and, where possible, remove barriers that prevent students from accessing and participating in our services. 

Reasonable Adjustments
Reasonable Adjustments can include but are not limited to the physical environment, teaching delivery and format and utilisation of assistance equipment. Where students are unable, due to physical or mental disabilities, ill health or family emergency, to undergo assessment as outlined in each training block alternative forms and times of assessments may be negotiated with the trainer prior to the assessment date. In the event that illness is the reason why assessment cannot be completed a doctor's certificate must be supplied.

New Futures Training will take all reasonable measures to ensure that their staff is aware of the student's specific learning needs and make reasonable adjustments to training and assessment practices to cater for such needs.

Occasional Childcare

VICSEG New Futures offers occasional childcare for students enrolled in classes with New Futures Training. The childcare centre is open from 9.30am to 2.30pm Monday to Friday during the semester. Please contact us for further information.

Learning Support (Language Support and Homework Support)

Language support is for students with English as a second language and focuses on the development of the student's ability to communicate effectively in English. Support for the English language includes integrated English Language classes.

Homework Support

New Futures Training offers homework support for all students experiencing any difficulties with their study.

On a one-to-one basis, once a week, our qualified teachers assist students with test preparation, assignments/projects and improving organisational skills and study techniques.

Financial Help

Welfare Support and financial assistance is available to students who find themselves in extreme financial difficulty during their time of study at New Futures Training.

Counselling and Pastoral Care

Students will have trainers as mentors for pastoral care matters, study management, assistance with study tasks, goal setting activities, placement support and career guidance. Please talk to your trainer or the staff in Student Administration who are here to help.


Personal information provided by students is protected under the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998. Only necessary information for the purposes of students’ course enrollment, learning and study records will be requested. New Futures Training will not disclose any information that it gathers about students to any third party. If a third party requests information about students, New Futures Training will obtain students’ written consent prior to the release of any information. Exceptions will be made in situations where New Futures Training is required by law to provide information to relevant bodies.
Students may, however, access their own personal records at any time. This can be arranged through the Student Services Team Leader. Students must provide their student cards and passport as a verifiable form of identity when seeking to access their own record. A student cannot access other student's records.



VICSEG New Futures trading as New Futures Training (TOID 21203)

This training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding.