5 reasons to become a Teacher's Aide


What does a Teacher Aide do?

Teacher Aides provide assistance to teaching staff in preschools, primary schools and high schools.
A Teacher Aide may be responsible for the care and supervision of children, supporting students with additional learning needs, and preparing the classroom and educational materials. 

Why study Education Support?

A qualification in education support is your gateway to a rewarding career as a Teacher Aide or Teaching Assistant, and is on the study agenda for more and more students each year!

The perks of working in the field are many. 

Job Satisfaction

The role of a teaching assistant can be extremely rewarding. Guiding children to explore their potential and overcome difficulties is incredibly fulfilling. You play an important part in the student's life and watch them learn and grow as the school year develops. A teaching assistant often aids the main teacher with children who need the extra support and encouragement to flourish. Watching these pupils progress truly makes the job worthwhile.

No two days are the same
Every day is different when you're a teaching assistant. The variety of work and flexibility keeps the job interesting! There's plenty of opportunities for you to use your unique skills and creative talents. One day you could be helping pupils to count, another day you could be creating props and backdrops for the classroom!

Flexible working
One of the many benefits of working as a teaching assistant is the flexibility of working hours and holidays. Teaching assistants work family-friendly hours, ideal for parents who have children within education. You will also get school holidays off work! It's often when we have children that we consider a career change or finding work that fits with family life. Working as a teaching assistant is a great way of balancing a career with your family routines.

No barriers to train
To enrol on a teaching assistant course you do not usually need to have any formal qualifications. You will need a good understanding of basic numeracy and literacy skills and a real interest in supporting teaching and learning in schools.

Development opportunities
Many people begin their teaching career with a role as a teaching assistant. Once you have good experience in a teaching assistant role, you may be able to go on to further study to become a teacher in the long term.

So many reasons to be a Teachers Aide, there are just a few! Get a head start with our teacher aide course..today!