All aboard for MoreArt’s train travelling choir


Train travelling choir set to brighten commuters' day

Morning commuters on the Upfield line may have more trouble than usual staying awake when Coburg’s Lullaby Choir takes over a train carriage for a unique performance tomorrow.

The 20-strong choir, which boasts singers from around 10 nations, will sing lullabies for passengers on the platform at Jewell station on November 3rd and 24th before hopping aboard a train headed north. An audio installation of the choir’s tunes will also be playing 24 hours a day at the station, until December 6.

Part of MoreArt’s annual art-in-public-spaces program, the Lullaby Choir is one of a series of performances and sound installations at Jewell Station produced by Ilana Russell and curated by Forum of Sensory Motion as part of the Platform Program.   

Ms Russell said the project aimed to invigorate commuters’ daily routine with something beautiful and thought-provoking. 

“Commuting to work or school is often such an isolating experience, with most people absorbed in their phones or listening to headphones,” Ms Russell said.

 “Hopefully these lullabies will provide a shared sense of calm and transcendence, momentarily bringing together a platform or carriage of strangers through shared experience.”

The Lullaby Choir is based at Coburg’s VICSEG New Futures, a not-for-profit community organisation that provides support and training to newly arrived immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees. A joint initiative with researchers at the Centre for the History of Emotions at The University of Melbourne, the choir aims to promote personal connection and community harmony through cross-cultural musical exchange.