Clothing & Textile Production at Second Stitch Studio


The launch of the Certificate III in Clothing and Textile Production course has been a wonderful success! 

Since our very first class early in May this year, we've scheduled two more classes to reaching full capacity. One of the three classes so far includes a Bi-Lingual Arabic class, of predominantly Syrian and Iraqi students.

So far we've enrolled 12 students on asylum seeker visas, at no expense to them. The hands-on nature of the course is a great opportunity for English as a second language - speakers to undertake formal training that helps build their confidence and communication in an intimate and inclusive environment. 

Many people migrate to Australia with a rich and vibrant background in craft and textiles. Our program aims to harness and nurture these skills and interests into a local context and provide a platform for further development and employment opportunities. 

Alongside the formal training component of the program, participants receive specialised mentoring from industry professionals, learn specific business development skills along with customer service training.

Image: Students using handmade looms to learn weaving techniques.

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