Cultural Competence Professional Development Programs


VICSEG’s professional development programs involve presenters experienced in early childhood services and community development and those from a range of cultural backgrounds with local knowledge of family and community structures. Customised training can be developed for your organisation and staff needs.

VICSEG is interested in partnering with other organisations to improve reach and impact.

Current training topics:

  • Working with Migrant and Refugee Families and national quality standards
  • Cultural Competence in early childhood services and playgroups
  • Working with interpreters and bicultural workers
  • Integrated Parent-Child English programs for children 0-5 years and families
  • Orientation to culture, family and child rearing practices in within diverse communities

Learning Resources

A range of resources are available on the VICSEG website, including the following videos:

v  Pathways to Service Integration for Children and Families

v  Early Childhood Cross Cultural Roundtables

v  Working with Vulnerable Migrant and Refugee Families – a partnership approach

v  Finding their Feet – Kindermoves: a physical activity program to enhance playgroups

v  Building Connections – VICSEG Resource and Mentoring Program for Refugee Families

v  Leadership in Playgroups – working in partnership with parents

v  Playgroups Building Partnerships - enhancing job opportunities

v  Heading Out Together Program - supporting African fathers and sons

v  Educating Aisha – about New Futures Training

Download the professional development information sheet here: No media download found.

For information contact:

Janet Elefsiniotis, Manager of Programs for Families, Children and Young People [email protected] - Tel. 93535820