Cultural Playgroups Promoting Family Safety


Funded for two years by the Australian Government under the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children, this community strengthening project enables mothers with young children to connect with other women in a safe and welcoming environment so they can build social networks and receive information and support.

Parents who attend our supported playgroups across the northern and western suburbs have enthusiastically embraced opportunities to have conversations about family violence with known and trusted facilitators.  

As part of the project, VICSEG is contributing to national action research designed to better understand this complex issue in terms of effects on the community, how best to address the problem and how to work towards its eradication. 

To date, a lot of feedback has been gained from playgroups about mothers who are learning more about the service systems relating to marriage and child-rearing that exist in Australia. The next stage will be valuable in identifying gaps and developing innovative solutions to prevent family violence in culturally diverse communities.