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Building Inclusive Schools Program

VICSEG Refugee Student Engagement & Support Program

As part of the 'Building Inclusive Schools Program', a series of 3 short films were created along with the young participants from the program, creating a platform to showcase their authentic and influential voice and the opportunity to discuss, on-screen, the positive aspects of their culture with humour and sincerity.

This year the Secondary students took part in the ‘Dream Big’ Festival for Healthy Living project. The students helped to create a series of 3 short films for the festival on topics of racism, culture, elders, and settlement. 

The students wrote scripts, conducted interviews and featured in the films.

Building Inclusive Schools is a three-year project funded by Gandel Philanthropy that supports refugee and Pacifica background students to complete their secondary education and provides alternate pathways for youth at risk of disengaging from education and training.  

Inclusive Schools commenced in Term 1 – 2019 operating in tandem with the well- established VICSEG Refugee Student Engagement and Support programs in the Cities of Wyndham, Melton and Maribyrnong. The Inclusive Schools project engages existing cohorts of secondary students as a platform to further develop sustainable models of social inclusion and parent engagement    
Participating schools included:

Werribee Secondary College 
Tarneit Senior College 
Manor Lakes College P-12 College
Werribee Western English Language School Campus 
Braybrook Western English Language School 
Lakeview Senior College  
Melton Secondary College
Staughton College 
Melton Catholic Regional College 

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Film by Markworth Media