Evidence into Action Paper - Playgroups in Diverse Communities


This Evidence into Action paper was authored by Myfanwy McDonald at the Centre for Community Child Health and Colleen Turner from VICSEG and is based upon information in VICSEG reports, published literature and other information provided directly by VICSEG.

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VICSEG delivers Playgroups for Diverse Communities with the support of Local Government, the Office of Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship, Best Start, Communities for Children and primary schools across the northern and western suburbs of Melbourne.

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Playgroups offer opportunities to promote the health and well-being for children. They also provide a means of engaging with parents and children before the children start school. Cross-cultural and culturally specific playgroups benefit migrant, refugee and asylum seeker families in a range of ways including: providing opportunities for social interaction; supporting child language development; enhancing social connections; and providing employment and training opportunities for parents.

Playgroups for Diverse Communities, delivered by VICSEG, provide migrant, refugee and asylum seeker families with opportunities to participate in a wide range of early childhood programs, delivered in partnership with schools and community organisations. In this way, Playgroups for Diverse Communities complement and enhance the settlement service system for immigrant families with young children.