Latest research examining how cultural playgroups support newly arrived migrant and refugee families


Social support for newly arrived immigrant and refugee families is widely considered to be effective in the development of a socially cohesive multicultural society and in the reduction of potential social isolation of mothers and young children.
The study and journal article titled, 'Relational Agency in Supported Playgroups' published by Communities, Children and Families Australia (Dec 2017) examines the work of VICSEG New Futures bilingual playgroup leaders and opens up understandings about what it means to support families from diverse cultural groups.

This latest research adds weight to the growing evidence demonstrating the important role of cultural playgroups in supporting parenting within the context of their resettlement in Australia.

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Culturally diverse playgroups for parents and young children are an important part of Australia’s early childhood services system. VICSEG playgroups actively support hundreds of families throughout the northern and western suburbs of Melbourne. Run in local schools and community centres, our playgroups support children’s bilingual language development and provide early learning experiences that promote positive pathways to kindergarten and primary school.

Parents also benefit from social support and friendship, as well as practical information about health, nutrition and child well-being. All our playgroups are free and facilitated by trained and experienced bilingual playgroup leaders. VICSEG New Futures runs close to 29 playgroups across the Northern and Western suburbs.

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Image: Burmese Playgroup - Werribee