VIDEO RESOURCE: Leadership in Playgroups – Working in Partnership with Parents


VICSEG facilitates over 25 supported playgroups that offer parents and carers the opportunity to socialise and develop confidence in their parenting skills. These supported playgroups are facilitated by trained and experienced playgroup leaders who come from the same cultural backgrounds as the parents. The role of the playgroup leader is to model and encourage parenting practices and play experiences that enhance children’s development.

Engaging respectfully with parents means supporting and affirming them in their role as the child’s first and most important educator. By providing a well-planned play program and links to the local family services, the playgroup leader builds parents’ confidence to be proactive with regard to the health, development and wellbeing of their children. The key to successful engagement with parents rests on the playgroup leader’s ability to build strong trusting relationships with parents that go beyond the playgroup sessions.

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