LEARN LOCAL Partnership with the Council of Adult Education


A partnership with the CAE will see the expansion of our pre-accredited English literacy program Learning Together in five communities in northern and western Melbourne.   

Learning Together is a unique program that we have developed to enable mothers with limited experience of formal study to learn English in a non-threatening environment with their young preschool age children.  The language learning is focused on common interests in parenting, child development and family life and includes interaction between mothers and their children through word games, songs and story-telling.  The program helps prepare children for kindergarten and school, while building their mothers’ confidence to go on learning English. This collaboration with the CAE will enable us to deliver this program to an additional 50 women in 4th term this year and hopefully to many more into the future.
VICSEG is very excited to be working with the CAE on this initiative, and hopes  this program will serve as a precursor to further collaboration in future.

The new locations are:
Brimbank (Stevenson Primary School)
Melton (Melton Library)
Werribee (Iramoo Community Centre)
Maribyrnong (Christ the King Primary School)
Fitzroy (Atherton Gardens Kindergarten)

For information contact Uzay Ceylan 
Tel: 93535811