Learning Together in the time of COVID


Learning Together

Parent and Child English Language Program

Jaeeun Lee is a student in one of our Learning Together Programs, here is what she had to say about her trainer and her experience with the program during since the pandemic. 

"I have always wanted to say that I am grateful that you have given me a chance to learn English. My name is Jaeeun Lee. I have been in Australia for 9 years with 6 years old son, 3 years old daughter, and a husband. 

I confess my English ability had been terrible when I started this program. It was hard to learn English while taking care of my children, besides, the childcare fee is too pricey for me. 

My son couldn't have spoken English at all until he was 4 years old as well. He suffered at kindergarten and I felt frustrated and down. 

One day, I went to Mt. Ridly Primary School to attend prep information sessions. Luckily I met the coordinator of the "Learning Together" program. My son and I began learning English with the program. 

Before studying I couldn't speak English although I was able to read and write English. I felt very ashamed. However, I can speak English now whatever I want, even though there are many mistakes grammatically, 

but I am still improving and learning happily. My son learned not only English with the program, but also socialising. Now I have been enjoyed the program with my daughter. 

We had been enthusiastic until COVID-19 stopped everywhere. After COVID-19 outbreak I felt isolated, I have missed my teachers and friends. 

I have been anxious during this uncertain period, house income has reduced. And I have been stuck at home for months with 2 uncontrollable children. 

Thankfully, teachers don't forget students and begin to give us worksheets for English and information about everything. Literally, everything like about COVID-19, how to use the library book delivery, 

how to reduce the energy bill and claim job keeper, etc. So, I can keep continuing learning English, and interact with friends with WhatsApp. Ms. Ceylan sends us videos, stories, and quizzes for English skills. 

There are so useful and fun. I really like that homework. If I finish my quiz, I send it to her, then she gives me the correct answer. I love that fact I can find out what I was wrong eventually. 

It truly helps me tremendously and I would like to appreciate again my teachers, this program, and government supporting. 

Thank you very much, 

Jaeeun Lee"

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Teaching during COVID-19 


"Being an English Language teacher throughout this isolation period has presented many challenges. 

Of those, the most challenging thing has been working out ways to effectively teach my students, who come from diverse backgrounds and generally have low levels of literacy and IT skill. 

My solution was to use WhatsApp as a tool, because of its easy-to-use interface, which allowed me to send work to students for completion and subsequently have it sent back for correction.  


This online platform, together with regular phone calls, allowed me to stay connected with my students, and to make sure that they and their loved ones maintained good mental and physical health. 

Many of my students are especially concerned about the well-being of family overseas. 


More recently I have commenced Zoom classes with my students, and it has been lovely to see everyone's faces. 

Overall, it has been an interesting and challenging experience, but also a heart-warming one, when I realise that I am making an important and positive difference to my student’s lives."


~ Uzay Ceylon 
Learning Together Program Trainer