Letter from a satisfied student



Hi Jagjit,

I have collected my diploma certificate yesterday from your office. I must not miss on thanking you & the entire team of VICSEG for your valuable support to me, in my quest to earn the Diploma in Children Services.

I would say, that I finished it in the nick of time, barely few days before the target completion date. I can take a sigh of relief that finally, I am a Diploma holder, which felt like a distant dream last year.

Yet again, a sincere thank you to the wonderful team of VICSEG and I wish the institute the very best of future. VICSEG has helped me to secure my first job in Australia and helped me to nurture my aspiration to do well in the career I have sought in Australia.

I have all but appreciation for VICSEG for the great support it is showering to the new migrants and aspiring individuals coming from different parts of the globe, with a dream to make it big here.

Keep up the good work VICSEG team. I request you to share this email to the concerned officials of VICSEG.

Thanks and Regards,