New Futures Training awards for excellence - 2018


The New Futures Training Award for Excellence exemplifies the achievements of our students who have shown exceptional commitment to their studies.
The awards for 2018 were presented at the VICSEG New Futures Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the 5th of December, by each of the student’s trainers along with Maree Raftis – General Manager of NFT.

Award recipients for 2018

Image L-R: Palwinder Kaur, Tu Mai Tang, Lul Omar Mohamed

The 2018 Pauline Bryan Award for Excellence: Certificate III in Individual Support
Lul Omar Mohamed

Lul grew up in Kenya & migrated to Australia in 2015. Since the day of her arrival, life has been very challenging for our student Lul as a single mum, unable to find work or home.

Lul signed up for the Jobs Victoria Program in Feb 2018 and on finishing her course in Cert III in Individual Support with us in March, she was referred to different employers. Finally in May, Baptcare Karan in Kew gave Lul the opportunity she had been looking for.

She is now happily employed and has since been able to secure a stable home for her and her little one.
Congratulations Lul!  

2018 New Futures Award for Excellence: Certificate III in Health Services Assistance
Tu Mai Tang

Tu Mai was born in Vietnam and migrated to Australia in 1979. She initially managed to find casual work, but didn’t have a regular income to sustain her. She discovered New Futures Training through a Job Centre. According to Mai, she not only gained theoretical knowledge but also the skills and confidence in finding work in the field of Health Services.

Tu Mai used to worry about her future because of her English as well as her age. Her teachers at New Futures Training helped her understand the course and assisted her beyond the regular classes with extra homework support until Mai was ready and confident in herself.

Tu Mai completed her placement at Rathdowne Place in Carlton and was offered a job after, where she contributes as a valuable member of the staff.
Congratulations Tu Mai!

2018 New Futures Award for Excellence: Certificate IV in Disability
Palwinder Kaur Kahlon

Palwinder migrated to Australia in February 2009 from India. While Palwinder was studying with us, due to a heartbreaking accident she lost her husband. She was unable to continue the course and experienced the darkest of days mourning her loss while managing to be a single parent of three in financial distress.

According to her, New Futures Training helped her recover and start again; she was encouraged to re-enroll into the course, her trainers prepared her for job interviews.

Palwinder was later hired by A Better Life Home Care Services who recognised her courage and resilience.
Congratulations Palwinder!

New Futures Award for Excellence as a participant in the Jobs Victoria Program
Wendong Ma

Wendong was born in China and migrated to Australia in June 2017. Wandong completed his Certificate III in Individual Support at our Braybrook campus.

As soon as he joined the Jobs Victoria Program on the 4th of December 2017, he was assisted with resume preparation, trained on how to face interviews and was later referred to a number of different facilities. In a week, all his hard work paid off - Wendong was hired by Allity Highwood Court in Burwood as his very first job. 

He was so happy that he visited New Futures Training to personally show his gratitude to the team. Wendong even moved to Burwood as his new place of residence just to keep the job. This makes Wendong a very committed Jobs Victoria participant and we are extremely proud of him. In addition, he wanted to work extra hours, so Wendong was also referred to Rathdowne Place in Carlton and now works substantial hours between both places. Wendong is an example of a student who may not be in his twenties but is happy to have started a new life through Jobs Victoria and is at the peak of his career in the Aged Care industry. 

Congratulations Wendong!

Image L-R: Linda Suth (Trainer), Linda X Vaughn (Jobs Victoria), Surajika D'Silva (Aged care Manager), Wendong Ma, Maree Raftis (General Manager - NFT)

2018 Trin Cooke Memorial ‘Bright Spark’ Award: Certificate III in Early Childhood Education & Care
Asma Nisar

Throughout her studies, Asma has demonstrated dedication, passion and eagerness to learn. Her attendance record is outstanding and she had completed all her assessments in a timely manner.

During her studies, Asma has shown enthusiasm to participate in classroom projects and discussion. Asma worked well as a team member, always ready to help others in need.

We wish Asma all the best in her future both professionally and personally.

Image L-R: Asma Nisar, Sanela Colo (Trainer)

2018 New Futures Award for Excellence: Certificate III in Education Support
Tial Cia Hlawnching

Tial is a very committed student who goes above and beyond to complete her work to a high standard. Her commitment to the course is reflected in the quality of her work, which looks impeccable, it is comprehensive and very well presented.

She has been working really hard since the beginning of the course both in the classroom and work placement to achieve the best she can. And it seems it has paid off as we would like to recognise all the effort you have put in with this award.

Image: Tial Cia Hlawnching

2018 New Futures Award for Excellence: Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care
Mark Reffold

Mark has shown so much interest in his studies and often expresses how much he loves what he is learning. He is working part-time within the industry and talks animatedly about his experiences in implementing what he’s learning into practice.

Mark has a very positive disposition and has established great relationships with the students and staff at Braybrook. He is most deserving of this award

Image L-R: Mark Reffold, Bella Furmani (Trainer)