New Futures Training receives new Skills First Contract


The Government completed its overhaul of Victoria’s training and TAFE system last year with the focus being on ‘Real Training for Real Jobs’.  In a press release posted in late August, the then Minister for Training and Skills Steve Herbert summed up the reforms in this way:

“With Skills First we’re making sure Victorian students have access to real training that will lead to a real job so they don’t waste their time and money on courses that won’t get them employment.”

New Futures Training is totally in tune with these aspirations, having delivered affordable, quality training to around 30,000 students from migrant and refugee backgrounds wanting to work in the care services, since its establishment in 2002.  Owners and managers of care services and facilities actively seek our graduates because they are properly trained, ready for work and highly motivated.

"The staff have been happy to have New Futures students, who show that they have skills and knowledge and are keen to consolidate their skills and begin work."  

(Facility manager in Essendon)

We are pleased to report that our expression of interest for a contract under the Skills First system has been successful.  Notice of our contract was received in mid-December and we are well on the way to enrolling 500 students by the end of March.