Outshining the Victorian State Average


2018 New Futures Training Performance Summary

New Futures Training, over the past 15 years has been steadily improving and improvising ways to better support our students’ education and pathways to employment. The 2018 RTO Performance Summary is a reflection of our commitment to the community.

The report details the 2018 results of the Student Satisfaction Survey and selected results from the Employer Satisfaction and Skills Survey, as well as results from previous years of the surveys (where applicable).

We would first like to thank the 516 students who took part in the survey conducted by the Department of Education and Training. This is a response rate of 47.2%. The average response rate for all of Victoria was 29.4%.

The Student Satisfaction Survey for New Futures Training ranks higher than the Victorian state average in almost every area.

Below is a snapshot of some performance measures: 


94.2% - Were either ‘Very satisfied’ or ‘Satisfied’ with the training they received. While the Victorian state average (indicated by the pink dot) is significantly lower.


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