Preventing Family Violence ~ Playrgroups


Research suggests Family violence in CALD communities is under researched in Australia. The aim of VICSEG’s Preventing Violence in Playgroups project and this research was to gain information and views of CALD women on the nature of intimate partner relationships, cultural impacts on relationships and gender stereo types, particularly in the context of parenting pre school aged children.

The project operated across five municipalities in Melbourne’s North West (Hume, Brimbank, Wyndham, Melton and Whittlesea). Culturally Specific and multicultural  Playgroups in each location implemented a process of conversations about respectful relationships and impacts on parenting.  The semi structured conversations were facilitated by Playgroup leaders and coordinators, usually in the participant’s first language. Some multi-cultural playgroups held conversations in English. 

Over 300 women took part in multiple conversations held in 26 playgroups from 10 cultural groups including Tamil, Iranian , Iraqi, Karen/ Chin/ Burmese, South Sudanese , Indian, Assyrian Chaldean, Chinese and a number of multicultural playgroups.

As a result Family Violence, Women’s Health and Community Health Services across the targeted municipalities have been enthusiastic about working collaboratively to support newly arrived women and their young families.