Second Stitch Refugee Enterprise Launched


A highlight of our Annual General Meeting in December was the official launch of Second Stitch – a refugee and asylum seeker textile enterprise based at New Futures Creative.  In launching the enterprise, Multicultural Arts Victoria CEO Jill Morgan praised the initiative not only for its capacity to help build vulnerable people’s futures in Australia, but also as a channel for their creativity and expertize. 

Photo:Jill Morgan officially launches Second Stitch

The 2016 creative program at New Futures Creative demonstrated the enormous interest that existed in sewing and fabric art of all kinds.   As a result, we decided to establish a textile studio to address this interest and nurture the creativity of students, staff and the wider community.  The Second Stitch enterprise will be operating within this studio.  
The enterprise will provide opportunities for those who have fled persecution and danger in their own countries to seek a safe haven for themselves and their families in Australia.  Second Stitch aims to develop a financially viable alterations business and a range of textile products for sale.  The intended outcomes for participants include employment, training and skills development. 
The seamstresses from Second Stitch are being mentored by volunteer industry professionals and supported with communication and customer services training.  Warwick Fabrics has assisted enormously through the generous ongoing donation of textiles, for which we are most grateful.

Photo: (Left to right) Seamstress: Sameerah, Ahila & Rohini

The Second Stitch website is currently being updated, until then you can reach us on 9354 2193 or email [email protected]