Staff Profile - Maria Tuua


Staff Profile: Maria Tuua

Maria Tuua, is a Samoan community leader based in the City of Hume. She has teaching qualifications from New Zealand and since arriving in Australia has graduated in community development and early childhood studies. Maria has extensive experience in working with children and is a bi-cultural Family Mentor in our Hume Peer Led Parenting Program. Her knowledge of Samoan culture coupled with her understanding of the needs of her community puts her in a unique position to reach out and engage with both young kids and their parents from the Islander communities.

Maria Tuua with her students from the Samoan Language and Culture Group at Coolaroo South Primary School, 
performing at the inauguration of VICSEG New Futures office at the Hume Community Hub in Dallas

Maria currently delivers Samoan language and cultural activities for children at Coolaroo South Primary School. She is currently working with the School Hub Coordinator at Craigieburn South Primary School to introduce similar activities as part of their Reaching the Stars program.  In addition Maria has been invited by Hume Council to regularly contribute to their bilingual story time program at Hume library.