Supported Playgroups adapting to the pandemic


Play group facilitators have continued to support families during the pandemic with information, advice and referral to support services. Communication has been via regular weekly phone calls and various social media platforms that participants are comfortable using. 

Facilitators have worked hard to ensure families have up to date and reliable information about the COVID 19 virus, are practicing good hygiene, understand the strategies being implemented by Government to limit the spread of the virus, and to provide financial support to those impacted. Families have greatly appreciated the opportunity to chat with facilitators as many have been confused and anxious about the crisis.  

As facilitators have gained confidence in using technology, thanks to the support and patience of our IT team (Manzoor Ahmed and Umer Cheema), we have begun Zoom playgroups. Families have responded to these very positively. 

Lulu De Rose and May Re George expected that their first Zoom playgroup would be short, but the children were so happy to see each other’s faces that the session went for an hour, with everyone singing along to May Re George playing the guitar. They even went on a virtual tour to the Werribee Zoo!

Our Assyrian facilitator Amal Pavlov in the North has been ensuring that children maintain their dental hygiene even during the pandemic, with the assistance of a friendly dinosaur and tooth brush.   

Image: Indian Playgroup