The Brimbank City Council 2018 Community Wellbeing Australia Day Award


The Brimbank City Council 2018 Community Wellbeing Australia Day Award was presented to VICSEG’s Burmese Chin Family Mentor Za Tuah Ngur (Nguri) 

The Community Wellbeing Award recognises individuals or groups who create sustainable, connected, supported and welcoming communities. 
Za Tuah Ngur is well-known by service providers and families in the Brimbank community. 
While service providers know her as Nguri, Burmese Chin families know her as Sayama Nguri. Sayama means teacher in Burmese and is a term used for highly respected females of senior rank or age. Nguri has earned this title with her contribution over the past nine years as a community leader and mentor.
Nguri has been employed by a number of organisations including VICSEG, Council, New Hope and as a church pastor within the Burmese community and President of the Chin Women’s Association.

The focus of Nguri’s work and life has been to support and educate newly arrived Burmese families and help them to understand and adjust to Australian culture and local services. Nguri has also founded a playgroup for Burmese families and co-facilitates VICSEG’s Burmese Being a Parent program. 


She also supports families who have children with disabilities at Sunshine Special Developmental School and has been instrumental in developing community gardens at Sunshine Harvester Primary and Sunshine Special Developmental School.
She assists in story time sessions at Brimbank libraries and supports talks on the importance of bilingualism.
She has been the driving force behind many initiatives in Brimbank to support and connect communities.