VICSEG New Futures Contributes to JVEN Milestone


At the end of November, Minister for Industry and Employment, Wade Noonan, chose Anzac Lodge in North Coburg as the venue to announce that more than 100 disadvantaged jobseekers had been placed in jobs under the state government’s Jobs Victoria Employment Network (JVEN).  Anzac Lodge is a part of the New Futures Training network of aged care facilities and has employed about 15 of our graduates through JVEN.  It was an opportunity for the Minister to acknowledge the role our staff played in “boosting the skills, confidence and long-term opportunities for people who may have otherwise fallen through the cracks.”
The local member for Pascoe Vale, Lizzie Blandthorn congratulated both VICSEG New Futures and Anzac Lodge for having “set a great example in partnering people with jobs, allowing more people to live a fulfilling life and make a meaningful contribution to society.”
VICSEG New Futures is one of eight JVEN providers targeting disadvantaged migrant and refugee jobseekers who received contracts in September 2016.  Our focus is jobs in the aged care and health services areas.  By Christmas we had reached our first contract milestone of 100 people into work.  Our task now is to mentor and support them, so that they continue in their jobs for at least 26 weeks.  We are scheduled to place another 50 into jobs by May.   

In the photo: Local member for Pascoe Vale, Lizzie Blandthorn and Minister for Industry and Employment, Wade Noonan at Anzac Lodge with New Futures Training students employed via the JVEN program.