VICSEG New Futures funded to provide Employment Services


VICSEG New Futures has been contracted under the Jobs Victoria Program to be one of 5 multicultural providers to assist disadvantaged jobseekers from migrant, refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds to find work primarily in the aged, disability and health services sectors.

JVEN services are to be delivered by 38 specialist employment services working closely with employers to identify job opportunities and prepare job seekers for those roles. The program connects disadvantaged jobseekers with real job opportunities and supports them once they are employed.  Assistance is tailored to the particular needs of the jobseekers and addresses personal or work-related challenges that affect their employment.

The 2016-17 contract requires that we support at least 150 jobseekers into employment.  In support of its JVEN application, VICSEG New Futures received assurances of employment from over 25 employers in the care services industries.  We look forward to supplying these employers with a well-trained workforce.

For more information please contact Surajika De Silva on 9383 2533 or [email protected]