VICSEG New Futures ~ Youth Justice Frontline Workers


VICSEG New Futures' youth justice workers have continued to support their vulnerable young clients throughout the pandemic, with exceptional commitment in the face of COVID-19. 

Peter Makuei has continued to visit the Parkville custodial center to offer young South Sudanese men cultural & emotional support. Peter also works with the families of the young men in custody.

Yousif Mohamed has been working hard linking young men out on parole back into family and community, supporting them with their mental health issues, and ensuring they are as safe as possible during this time. Yousif has also been volunteering in the evenings and weekends at the public high-rises during the enforced lock down, delivering food and medical supplies and provide reassurance and information to community members who were scared and unsure what each new day would bring.  

Yousif has also been approached by the Etritrean community to run online information sessions with updates on the COVID crisis and the frequent changes to restrictions. 

Both Peter and Yousif have young families at home and we acknowledge and appreciate the enormous effort they have put in and the emotional strength this has taken. 

Yousif Mohamed (second from left) along with volunteers at the public housing site.