VICSEG Welcomes Corporate Sponsorship


DealCorp Supports Playgroup for Chinese Families and Children in City of Darebin

DealCorp has generously donated $10,000 to the Victorian Cooperative on Children’s Services for Ethnic Groups (VICSEG) for a Chinese Playgroup in the City of Darebin. The Playgroup has been running since 2010 but faced closure due to lack of funding last year. This donation will help cover the costs of the playgroup until the middle of 2017.

Playgroup is for babies, toddlers, pre-school children and their parents and carers. VICSEG runs supported playgroups for migrant, refugee and asylum seeker families in diverse communities across the northern and western suburbs of Melbourne. In responding to the donation, Community Programs Manager Ms Janet Elefsiniotis said, “VICSEG appreciates the generosity of DealCorp in assisting us to maintain this important program for Chinese families and children in the City of Darebin.”

VICSEG Playgroups provide opportunities for parents to meet and socialise with other families from the same cultural and language background. Parents gain confidence from learning about local community, health and support services. Children enjoy positive play experiences that help support their physical, social and emotional development, and their preparation for kindergarten and school.

DealCorp is the proud developer of the Polaris 3083 Estate, a large residential and retail hub in the heart of Melbourne’s north and is committed to providing support to the local community.

For further information please contact:

Sayanti Bhatta 03 9353 5821 [email protected]

Rabia Ali 03 9383 2533 [email protected]