Victorian Coalition provides multicultural funding boost for childrens services


Multicultural support services will be increased through a funding boost to the Victorian Cooperative on Children’s Services for Ethnic Groups (VICSEG) as part of the Victorian Coalition Government’s Peak Multicultural Organisations Grants Program.

Minister for Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship Nicholas Kotsiras today announced $100,000 in funding over two years for VICSEG to support new and emerging communities in the growth corridors of Melton and Wyndham.

“The Coalition Government recognises VICSEG’s outstanding service to the Victorian community, supporting families and individuals from culturally diverse backgrounds, starting new lives in emerging growth areas, to access critical services, networks and employment pathways,” Mr Kotsiras said.

“This funding will assist VICSEG to implement a program model that strengthens and supports the integration of migrant and refugee children, youth, and families from new and emerging communities in two of the fastest-growing and most dynamic municipalities in Victoria.”

Mr Kotsiras said the Peak Multicultural Organisations Grants Program provides funding to support Victoria’s peak multicultural organisations with a particular focus on those based in rural and regional growth areas.

“The Peak Multicultural Organisations Grants Program is a compelling example of how the Coalition Government is working to improve the scope and reach of the services being provided to Victoria’s culturally and linguistically diverse communities,” Mr Kotsiras said.

“The Coalition Government acknowledges the enormous contribution that migrants and refugees have made across Victoria, and the important role peak multicultural organisations have played in assisting them to settle and participate fully in society.

“These grants will help in supporting multicultural organisations with their operations, program development, strategic planning, and in developing innovative approaches to issues facing established and emerging migrant groups – to build stronger futures for all Victorians.”

In 2013-2014 the Program has awarded more than $1.45 million in grants to 11 peak multicultural organisations across Victoria.

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