Winner of the 2017 Victorian Multicultural Commission’s award for excellence in education.


This award recognizes outstanding educational practice which enhances intercultural understanding and meets the needs of students from diverse communities.

The Refugee Student Engagement and Support program was originally piloted in 2014 with the Sudanese community in Melton and has been expanded to take in more than 150 students from a wide range of cultural backgrounds, including Samoan, Iraqi, Iranian, Karen and Chin Burmese. 
The program aims to enhance participants’ academic performance, school attendance and career opportunities, but also focusses on building individual resilience, connections within the community, and leadership skills. Participants also have the opportunity to lead school-based projects that benefit the community.

The success of the program is demonstrated by the high proportion or participants who return to act as mentors to a new cohort of young people.

For more information on the program please contact Colleen Turner at 03 9353 5811

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Participants in the Refugee Student Engagement and Support Program - 2017

Victoria's Multicultural Award ceremony at the Government House, Image (LR) Helen Kapalos (VMC Chairperson), 
Colleen Turner, Abraham Jongroor, The Hon Robin Scott, John Zika, Yousif Liban