Programs for Families, Children & Young People

Programs for Families & Children

VICSEG offers a range of mentoring programs that empower families to navigate the child and family service systems, enabling them to access supports, facilities and resources.

Playgroups in Diverse Communities

VICSEG supports playgroups within diverse communities across the northern and western suburbs of Melbourne. These playgroups are facilitated by trained bilingual playgroup leaders.

Programs for Young People

VICSEG New Horizons Youth Program is a collection of activities that support migrant and refugee young people and their families through the early stages of settlement and beyond.

Cultural Competence training & resources

VICSEG’s training programs involve presenters experienced in early childhood services and community development. Presenters are from a range of cultural backgrounds with local knowledge of family and community structures.

Pathways to Employment

 VICSEG provides vocational training and pathways to employment within childcare and community services industries.


Various resources including program reports, articles, brochures and videos.